Helping To Create A Healthy Pond For Your Fish And Other Wildlife


Having a pond is a great way to enjoy the wildlife in your area as well as have something that gives your yard some visual appeal.  When we have a pond in our yards it is important that it be maintained.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by installing pond aerators and fountains.

One of the natural byproducts of summer heat is the decrease levels of oxygen in our water.  This of course is replaced again when the weather becomes cooler and water ceases to evaporate, however, when our ponds don’t have enough oxygen in them the wildlife inside can become ill and die.  This is why we put in the effort to aerate our ponds.

Using a fountain to aerate the water is a great idea.  This will drive water from the bottom of the pond to the top creating movement in the water that will break up the surface of the water allowing it to mix with oxygen.  Having a fountain in the water also gives your pond an added visual appeal which can be great for your enjoyment.

Designing and maintaining a pond in your yard can be a fun project.  You can then take this pond and stock it with different types of fish, wild plants and more.  Using stones, plants and other natural resources will create a natural sanctuary for many types of animal life such as frogs, lizards and more. 

pond aerators and fountains

Besides a fountain creating a natural waterfall can add a point of interest to your pond.  These can be created using fountains and other water filtration systems that can be controlled and operated within your home. 

Adding lighting to your ponds will create a unique visual effect.  Adding a timer and music to your fountains can create something fun and unique that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Having fun when designing and maintaining your ponds could lead to years of great landscaping projects in the future.