Great Compost Tumblers For Small-Scale Farmers


rotating compost tumbler

Compost drums are being used as on-site commercial composting systems. A rotating compost tumbler is ideal for the small-scale to wholly organic farmer. Other composting systems available for farmers include the continuous flow composter and the batch composter. All composting systems available do, however, share a few common features, all of which contribute towards turning them into resourceful composting solutions for the small scale farmer.

Most systems are built out of heavy solid steel. They also include rust inhibitors. The system includes drums, mixing paddles within the drums, frames and mounting brackets. All of these are, of course, protected by the rust inhibitor. The rust inhibitor is able to improve the system’s durability. All critical components such as safety guards are secured within the system. The composting system is effectively insulated.

The insulation is necessary in order to promote rapid microbial decomposition, otherwise known as hot composting. A tank insulation system needs to be included for such purposes. This includes a high density fiber glass insulation and a stainless steel or aluminum jacket. These materials also ensure that sufficient heat is being retained so that the compost drum can achieve its required temperature.

This is required for the purposes of pathogen elimination and rapid organic matter oxidation. For the purposes of small-scale and industrial scale farming, these composting systems come in different shapes and sizes. One composter is six feet in diameter. And it has an insulated rotating composting drum twenty feet long. It has a 450 cubic foot capacity and can manage up to five thousand pounds of organic material per week.

The largest available rotating compost tumbler generates high temperatures from composting micro-organisms. All the farmer needs to do is add his organic residue into the hopper as directed.